The Leading Culture Destinations magazine is the first magazine dedicated to the next generation of cultural nomads.

The modern traveller is in search of authentic travel experiences, and arts and culture offer exactly that. The magazine will feature not only the shortlisted destinations of the 2018 LCD Awards, but also share first-hand insights on those destinations at the forefront of a transformation in cultural tourism, and thought-leadership from our selected jury and ambassadors.

Shining a light on key cultural travel trends, the magazine offers a fresh perspective on contemporary travel. Museums and cultural institutions are at the centre of a revolution, becoming social hubs for locals and travellers alike.



“Culture Makes Places Smart Destinations.”

Today, we are witnessing a new trend in culture. Governments, tourism ministries and those companies involved in customised tourism offerings have identified ‘culture’ as one of the key drivers for tourism. Culture not only offers a unique experience in terms of highlighting a city or country’s touristic assets, it is also a way for emerging economies to position themselves in the service sector. Culture works for him, her, the kids, and it offers people the opportunity to discover the unique DNA of a place. It’s a sustainable form of tourism since the travellers learn–and not just consume.

“Culture Is The Currency Of Cool.”

The recent music video by Beyoncé and Jay-Z at The Louvre (viewed by more than 130m YouTubers) is just the peak of an iceberg that illustrates how culture has become the currency of cool. Many celebrities have discovered that their selfies in cultural destinations have great impact on their followers and fans, for example, Victoria Beckham’s post in front of a portrait by an artist in the “circle of Leonardo da Vinci” had 192,000 likes within two days. Increasingly, brands and celebrities realise that museums are great places to showcase their history or cultural DNA – something visitors seem to have adapted too wherever in the world you go.

“Culture Is Soft Power.”

Destinations who not only deliver a great time but transform people’s views, and therefore the world we live in, are my personal heroes. This year, the Vatican, for example, commissioned 12 contemporary architects to create chapels ‘for believers and nonbelievers’ at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2018–something one could almost consider a revolutionary act.

Similarly, French president Emanuel Macron broke the mould at the 2017 Bastille Day parade, with the army marching band playing a medley from French electronic icons Daft Punk–bridging generational gaps and showing to the world that France is a modern, open society.

Soft Power Destinations winner 2018, the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil educates visitors about the world’s urgent challenges in the areas of sustainability, coexistence, climate change, gender equality, water, energy and social justice among others. Technology and engaging narratives invite the audience to learn and experience at the same time.

“Culture Is The Future, As Well As The Past.”

Cultural destinations are pushing hard to transform themselves from places of pure cultural pilgrimage into soft power destinations shifting the visitor experience from ‘learning about the past’ to ‘understanding the challenges of the future’. “We all are the culture, and we all need to nurture it.”