Sarina lavagne d’ortigue is originally from the Ivory Coast, but considers herself parisian as she has lived and worked in Paris for many years. She loves fashion and the arts, and lives in Saint Germain des Pres - a well-known haven for antique lovers. She is currently working as marketing director of My Little Paris, a French start-up. She is an expert in predicting future trends, and adores working with aesthetes. Her previous experience working for luxury brands has enabled her to truly appreciate old 'savoir-faire' in fashion.

She enjoys many genres of arts, from classical XVIIth century paintings to contemporary.

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

I would feature in a blue Monochrome by Yves Klein. I would sink into his vibrant deep blue that so recalls me of Morocco! This color expresses infinity and immateriality, and invades the canvas as if it could peacefully invade the planet.

Who inspires you and why? An artist, a family member, someone current or historical?

My artist friend Alexandra Loewe inspires me. She’s a plastician - always exploring new media for her art. Her whole universe from her atelier to her clothing is full of calm and intellectual beauty. She is also passionate about the body, the gesture and expresses herself through performances.

What are your cultural aspirations? What do you still want to see, do and achieve?

I still desire to see many places like Aoyama Island in Japan, Art Basel, the Forbidden City in Beijing and The Lightening Field in USA. I also want to improve my photography skills and make more portraits.

What are your favourite cultural cities in the world and why?

New York, because it’s so lively and all the greatest museums and galleries there.

Venice, for its timeless beauty and its Biennale. 

London, for the Tate Modern and White Cube Gallery. 

Paris, because art and history are everywhere in this city.

What are you up to at the moment and where can we find it?

I'm working for My Little Paris - check us out if you love surprises! We deliver 'mystery' boxes of girly treats to your door. We also publish a magazine about craft, cosmetics, and style.

I am currently writing an article on the food blogger, author and TV personality Mimi Thorisson. I am also starting art lessons at Jeu de Paume