mona ibellini'S

Mona Ibellini is a TV Presenter, Journalist, Producer, and Independent filmmaker based between the United Arab Emirates and London I She is recognised INTERNationally for interviewing creators of diverse artistic, cultural and philanthropic events across Europe and the Middle East..

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

I would have liked to hang out on the incredible moustache of the enigmatic surrealist, Salvador Dali, and perhaps even partake in the making of ‘Persistence of time’. Witnessing the process and the growth of this iconic piece would've been a profound experience.

Who inspires you?

Does my entire family count? I love and thank my family for their loyalty, strength, humour, determination, passion and for loving me unconditionally. These qualities inspire me personally, creatively and emotionally.

What are your cultural aspirations?

I would love to build arts centres for disadvantaged children that would act as social oases, and a space for artistic and personal expression.I  hope I keep having the opportunity to travel the world and discover hidden gems outside of your travel guide. In my personal life, I’d like to travel to Argentina to meet distant relatives who remained there after my great grandfather immigrated in the 1930’s. I'd also like to visit Khalil Gibran’s studio in Boston and meet members of his family, as I made my first ever film on his life and iconic status. One of my ambitions would be to use my musical and media related experiences to work on a unique album/ EP and hopefully collaborate with credible artists from different parts of the world.

What are your favourite cultural cities in the world?

London, because it’s home and for spoiling us with so many wonderful and inspiring choices. I’m constantly discovering new things and appreciating every old and new facet of our incredible city!

Tokyo, because of it’s uniqueness and pride in its history and culture. For being so forward thinking, my love of the samurai culture and weakness for sushi!

Muscat, because it felt like home as soon as I arrived. The dramatic backdrop of the beautiful mountains surrounding and protecting the city and its wonderful people, history and culture. Truly a magical and mystical place.

What are you up to at the moment?

I have been presenting and interviewing for diverse artistic, cultural and philanthropic events both in Europe and the Middle East. I am equally working on other exciting and thought-provoking projects that I hope to share with you soon!