Kulapat Yantrasast'S

Kulapat Yantrasast is an award-winning architect and founder of the Los Angeles and New York-based eco-disciplinary design practice wHY. In 2008, his first building project earned title as the World’s First LEED Certified Art Museum, changing the status quo for cultural buildings worldwide. Today, wHY is working on a range of planning, architectural, landscape, exhibition and object designs for diverse public and private clients in the United States and abroad. Kulapat is an active board and committee member at several cultural and design institutions including the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and Collective Design Fair. He has been named one of the art world’s 100 Most Power People and, in 2009, became the first architect to receive a Silpathorn Award for Design from Thailand’s Ministry of Culture.

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

Gabriel Orozco's O’iseau, which I have in my living room. My first ever serious art acquisition. It inspires me everyday. 

How will museums impact future cities?

Museums will be more relevant by hosting cultural production as much as cultural presentation. Cultural productions go in so many various ways and each museum should find its own voice and niche in the future. I think the Hammer Museum has done a great job being the centRE of conversations and cultural productions of its city and the global art community. The activities – exhibitions, films, gatherings, symposia all synergize one another and truly inspire audience. 

What are your favourite emerging cultural cities and / or organisations in the world and why?

Los Angeles, for sure, and absolutely Mexico City 

Who do you think are the cultural innovators of tomorrow?

The artists and the curators , because their voices are clear, strong and planned for social commutations. Artists like Ai Weiwei or Olafur Eliasson, curators like Massimiliano Gioni or Connie Butler. 

What are you up to at the moment and where can we find it? (Please include a link(s) if possible).

In April, we are opening our new design of west coast flagship for Christie’s auction house in Beverly Hills. In May, the grand opening of the Marciano Art Foundation, a new art ‘playground’ revived and rejuvenated from the historic Masonic Temple. September 2017, we see the new launch of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, ICA/LA.  On the drawing board are also our design for the renovation and expansion of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. We are also working on high profiles cultural projects in New York and Jerusalem that we will be ready for launching later this year. It's an Exciting time for culture ! 


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