Jeremy Jauncey is a serial entrepreneur, investor and social media expert who has spent over tens years in the digital advertising industry. He is the Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations, the award-winning creative agency behind the largest travel and lifestyle audience on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, which has garnered over 12 million followers in 180 countries around the world. Beautiful Destinations has had huge impact, attracting the attention of leading cultural titles, such as GQ, who made him a member of its GQ Insider Program, in order that he could share his travels with the title’s readership. Here, he tells us why the future of museums transcends the limitations of physical space and why he would like to escape into the world of Vincent Van Gogh.

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

It would have to be Vincent Van Gogh's 'Bedroom In Arles'. But not the 1888 original, I'm talking about the physical room recreated by AirBnb and Leo Burnett in Chicago A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO.

How will museums impact future cities?

Digitally and globally! As our connections to each other and the world around us so often begin on mobile, future cities will develop in a way that is more digitally connected than ever. Museums have an abundance of content and the notion of being tied to a physical location to enjoy a museum experience is starting to disappear as people share experiences on social media and connect with each other around the world. Future cities and their citizens will no longer be impacted by just the museums in their own cities, but by museums all over the world.

What are your favourite emerging cultural cities?

I would say Chengdu in China for its exploding spicy food scene and its growing Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival and, of course, Valletta in Malta for its support of music, art, education and film... In terms of cultural organisations then I would say Instagram, without a doubt. Consumer attention has shifted so rapidly to mobile and with one in every five minutes spent on Facebook or Instagram and over 700mn people using Instagram monthly, it's impossible to ignore the role it plays in modern day culture.

Who do you think are the cultural innovators of tomorrow?

Social media natives and content creators–musicians, artists, film makers, designers, educators and entertainers alike have jumped on social media as a vehicle to express themselves, engage with people and build new audiences across the globe. Those that have invested in sharing their craft on these platforms are innovating in ways we never thought possible from fashion brands launching their collections exclusively on Instagram, to television networks launching televisions from Snap Spectacles footage.

What are you up to at the moment?

Lots of travel!