diane pernet'S

Diane Pernet has lived a number of lives in the cultural sphere. She is founder of the long-standing renowned global fashion film festival ASVOFF (A Shaded View on Fashion Film), which leads the pack in cutting-edge style-focused inteventions in cinema, and has been recognised as the first, and premier global fashion blogger. Diane Pernet began her career as an art photographer and was an groundbreaking New York City fashion designer in the 1980s, making screen appearances in the likes of Robert Altman's screen classic Prêt-à-Porter. Pernet has worked as the woman's fashion editor for Joyce magazine, and as a fashion editor for Elle.com and Vogue.fr. Notably, Diane Pernet curated CIneOpera, a series of films by the legendary composer/director Michael Nyman at Corso Como, and has hosted ASVOFF at museums such as Centre Pomipdou and the  New York Art Fair, SCOPE–inclding pnel members as illustrious as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alejandro Jodorowsky . Here, she speaks exclusively to our Content Director John-Paul Pryor about her plans for ASVOFF 10 and why she would love to have been painted by legendary painter Francisco Goya.

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

I would love to have been in 'The Parasol' by Goya . I love the light and the poetry of the image and, of course, I relate to both the parasol and the fan–wouldn’t it be great to have someone keeping me in the shade. If it were a film, I would have loved to have been involved in that great film by Christian MarclayThe Clock–the contemporary masterpiece comprised of thousands of fragments of films and television that lasted 24 hours. I guess it fits a bit into the next question as well, in that it was exhibited in a museum involving the public over a 24-hour period. 

How will museums impact future cities?

A great example of a museum that has had real impact, of course, is Guggenheim Bilbao. To have a museum that is alive and involves the public like Centre Pompidou is important. I think the connection with those that live in the area is what keeps them relevant.

What are your favourite emerging cultural cities?

I am very interested at the moment in The Balkans, primarily on what is going on at Nu Boyana Film Studios. It fascinates me how the Hollywood of the Balkans works. A few years ago, I went to Vladivostok in Russia and their hunger for creative arts was stimulating, and, of course, Mexico City for much the same reason–there are more museums in Mexico City than anywhere else in the world.

Who do you think are the cultural innovators of tomorrow?

The French photographer and artist JR with his monumental fresco’s and street photography. I am very curious to see the documentary ‘Visages Villages’ that he did with French director Agnes Varda. It screened at Cannes and had a great buzz. More than 600 people contributed to the crowd sourcing to make the film. The documantary follows the two artists as they travel through rural France in JR’s van which also is his photographic studio and laboratory. Two minds with a single purpose to follow themes like a river.


I just launched ASVOFF 9 we also have a new festival website www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com where you can move around see the past and the current winners of ASVOFF 9 and some images from the event that took place on the film sets of Nu Boyana Film Studio. Now I can focus on the anniversary of ASVOFF 10 for next year.