Alessio De Navasques is a formidable creative widely known in italian fashion circles  as the co-creator of AI:Artisinal intelligence–a platform) devoted to celebrating the cutting-edge in young italian fashion design. Every year, DE NAVASQUES showcases AI during the altaroma festival WITH HIS CREATIVE PARNER CLARA TOSI PAMPHILLI, and IT is often underpinned by socio-political themes RELATING TO THE ZEITGEIST. In fact, the FEbruary, 2018 ai show 'TIME OUT OF JOINT' at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome was related to the Sarambanda exhibit, and WAS VERY MUCH A RESPONSE TO THE NEW WAVE OF NATIONALIST RHETORIC SWEEPING THE WEST–referencing the youth movement of the late-1960s a good few months before gucci picked UP the same mantle. Here, the latest LCD Ambassador tells is why museums can no longer rely solely on tehir collections to attract audiences, and explains why he believes their future lies in the adoption of radical interactive technologies,

If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which one would it be and why?

'Wanderer above the Sea' of Fog by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich. My life is all about the search for myself towards infinity and beyond.

How do you believe museums will impact future cities?

The museum institution can no longer measure its value relying solely on the weight of its collection but needs to take into account the reactions it raises within society, even more so in the digital age. In this sense, it is important to understand the potential of the users of art, who become active co-creators of the network for the dissemination of cultural themes and no longer only passive recipients. A transformation in which to exploit digital innovation is the solution to multiply opportunities for exchange, accessibility and participation. 

What are your favourite emerging cultural cities?

In my opinion, Athens is very interesting right now. After hosting Documenta last year, it is experiencing an interesting cultural awakening that explores a tension between ancient and contemporary. Milan also has a good buzz, with the activity of the Bicocca Hangar and the programming of the Prada Foundation.

What do you think are specific challenges facing the art world in 2018?

the whole issue of virtual identity and robotization–so-called Artificial Intelligence–will be one of the most vivid artistic issues we face. I believe the virtual dimension is one of the most interesting means of expression at the moment, it is interesting to understand how many artists combine digital world with much more physical means, such as painting and sculpture. I think works of art will be more and more interactive through the screen.

Where for you are the most exciting new cultural destinations in terms of art?

If we think of Italy, Rome is always an open-air museum, there is always something to learn when coming to Rome. From 1600 onwards, the trip to Italy and in particular to Rome, the so-called Gran Tour, was the obligatory completion of the course of study. Currently in the Italian capital the contemporary scene is a bit 'off, while it is experiencing a great revival in Milan, which has become one of the most interesting capitals on the contemporary. I think something interesting will happen in Palermo with the next Manifesta.