Matthew is an Australian entrepreneur pioneering digital development since 1992 and has seen his companies influence the growth and development of the industry.

Matthew is a founding partner of INDIGITAL, in 2001 they started working with major publications and fashion weeks around the world to modernize accreditation and image rights for digital content and its exploitation.

In this new landscape INDIGITAL become one of the leading video and stills companies for fashion, luxury, lifestyle, arts & culture - amassing 6 million images and 25 years of video.

Matthew in 2007 was asked to become a Director of Fashion Rocks on behalf of the Prince's Trust along with working with the Ecology Foundation and since 2014 has worked with the UN and UNICEF to develop content programs such as John Lennon’s IMAGINE Project.

Today Matthew is a partner in Fidem Capital Partners Hong Kong and Executive Director of Quintessentailly China and Macau with a strong focus on cultural investment into the region